About Troop2Ten

Troop2Ten offers a Christian approach toward personal growth and maturity thru Scouting principles of advancement, leadership and adventure. Members come from all denominations and each Scout is encouraged to participate in the community in such areas as varsity athletics, band, student government and civic groups. Troop2Ten boys are leaders within our troop and the community at large.


Leadership Goals - Troop 210 strives to the principle of being a "Boy Led" unit using the Patrol Method. Each patrol is comprised of 6 – 10 Scouts. Patrols are encouraged to meet outside of troop meetings. When camping, each patrol works together, cooks together and compete in activities and events as a team.

Meetings & Campouts - Four Troop meetings are held each month. Attendance is expected. The Scouts plan on one campout / activity each month. The troop is fully equipped with tents, patrol boxes, dining shelter(s), and two troop trailers. General cost is $25 per campout. BSA registered and Youth Protection Trained parents are welcome to attend any campout.

Summer Camp - Every Scout is strongly encouraged to attend our yearly summer camp. Camping offers the chance to bond with others in the troop, earn merit badges and advance in rank through organized activities. Camp activities include swimming, archery, shot gun, shooting, climbing wall, COPE course, and campfire program. The Scouts pick the summer camps to attend and typically rotate among the top camps in the area Camp Greilick, Lost Lake, Camp Rotary, and Cole Canoe Base. Typical cost is around $230.

High Adventure - Troop 210 goes on a high adventure once per year in non Jamboree years. High Adventure programs are geared for the older Scouts to keep them excited and interested in Scouting. Reserved for Scouts who have achieved the rank of 1st Class and are 14 or older. Recent high adventures include Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota, Philmont in New Mexico, and Florida Sea Base located in the Florida Keys.

Financials - Troop 210 has annual dues for each Scout which covers: Membership for the year, and Boys Life magazine for each Scout. Each Scout has an individual Scout account where fund-raised money is kept as it is earned. These funds can be used for campouts, purchasing troop gear, t-shirts or hoodies. Parents can deposit money into account for convenience. Troop 210 has one primary fund-raiser selling Popcorn held each Fall. Troop 210 is a 503(c) tax-exempt, nonprofit association.

Parent Role - The troop is always looking for volunteers to help plan activities and / or become registered leaders. Every role is important and appreciated. Examples: fundraising, troop leaders and committee posts, courts of honor, and special events. Kids with parents that take an active volunteering role tend to become outgoing active citizen/parents themselves.

Activities - As a boy led troop, the PLC (Patrol Leaders and other Officer level leaders) decides what activities they want to do in our Troop  meetings.  Not everything they decide to do will be interesting or fun to everyone and participation is voluntary. That is part of their learning process as leaders of the troop.  Your boys are responsible for providing feedback or suggestions for activities through their Patrol Leader to the PLC.  Or, they can also pursue leadership roles within the troop and participate in the PLC.  The PLC is always looking for good ideas on activities that are fun and personally enriching to all the Scouts.

Based in Sterling Heights/Utica, Michigan, Meetings are held at New Life Presbyterian Church on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:30PM. Parent meetings are held quarterly during troop meetings. Each registered parent is deemed a Troop2Ten Committee Member. Committee meetings are held the 3rd Monday each month 7:00PM during the school year, at the New Life Presbyterian Church.